Marilyn and her new husband Joe Di Maggio arrive in Tokyo, 1954

Anonymous asked: Hey I was watching the misfits the other day and I was wondering if you knew the story behind the bit where she has all the photos of herself on like a door? :)

Hey! Well I never used to think it was meant offensively, but after listening to a lot of peoples views and Marilyn’s herself I think she was very hurt by it, especially by being called, “a joke” on The Misfits, Marilyn said, “If that’s what he thinks of me then I’m not right for him and he’s not right for me.” which is very ironic and depressing as it was originally written as a Valentine for Marilyn.




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Anonymous asked: :D ily 2 I'll start writing the script ASAP !! I'm serious about this, Marilyn deserves a movie made by people who truly love her and aren't out to make a buck. If you have anything you want in the film, just tell me! I'll go off anon too if ya want haha, and that goes for anyone else who wants to recommend stuff, as long as they can back it up with a legit source :3



Marilyn photographed on the set Some Like it Hot, 1958.


Marilyn Monroe + sunglasses 

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Jack Benny and Marilyn at a Children’s Benefit at the Shrine Auditorium on December 4th, 1953.

Marilyn and Jack Benny in 1953.


Vintage 1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes sheet music for Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend. 💎💎

Marilyn at the premiere of East of Eden in March 1955.

Anonymous asked: How do you get followers?

Edit and post my own pictures, queue consistently, answer questions to the best if my knowledge um be dedicated idk?

Anonymous asked: how was my week with marilyn as far as accuracy??? i loved it but it will really change my opinion of it if it's a bunch of lies ha. i also just want to mention that i love your blog and your love for marilyn and honoring her legacy

If I had a pound for every time I’ve answered this I would be a millionaire :’]. The affair is all made up but the rest is pretty accurate. Thank you!

Anonymous asked: I vow to make a film about Marilyn's life with ONLY facts. The real Marilyn was way more complex, intelligent, and was human, not a nut like all the films make her out to be. I mean she had her moments, we all do, but my goal will be to accurately show her life and what she really went through and how it affected her. If it gets popular all the proceeds would go to the charities she was passionate about, and to flowers for her grave. What do you think ? :)

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